We found this rather water-damaged VHS tape that was on a loop on a TV in an ice cream shop in Stratford-upon-Avon by the Royal Shakespeare Company!  It was way before Shakespeare's Globe opened although Nick directed the play in the round. A different take on William Shakespeare, it features  the late Ray Rosenberg who worked on 'Hamlet' with Richard Drayfus.

A bit like Dr. Who, there have been five Henry V's since its first production back at in Birmingham in 1992. 

Robert Stanson, Glenn bayes, Michael Shaw and Ed Morris and our first woman, ELEANOR DILLON-REAMS.  And our sixth henry is kizzy dunn!

(Although writer and original Director NICK HENNEGAN performed at the Birmingham Rep Theatre in a one-off charity performance!) And he originally wrote it to be performed by comedian LENNY HENRY.
Michael Shaw